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The Benefits of Intern Counselors

About Interns

To start, let's learn about interns. Contrary to popular belief, interns are not untrained puppies that wander in off the street and are only trained to fetch coffee on command.

Intern counselors have either completed a Master's program (or are about to complete one) in Counseling or Social Work on top of a Bachelor's degree in psychology or a similar field. That's 6 years of school after high school learning about how people work and to help! Their diverse curriculum covers theoretical approaches, psychological assessments, diagnostic skills, counseling techniques, ethics, and more! This immense amount of coursework forms the bedrock of their knowledge.

In addition to book-smarts, one essential aspect all counselors' training is their internship, where they gain hands-on experience by providing counseling services to clients under the guidance of experienced professionals. This real-world exposure helps the interns weave together education and practical application in a way that best benefits uniquely complicated human beings.

Why see an Intern?

  1. Any counseling that is provided by intern counselors is overseen by an experienced Licensed Supervisor. So you have both fresh eyes and an experienced practitioner working together on your treatment plan. Win-win!

  2. Interns are super-duper laser-focused on you and your treatment! Interns are bright-eyed and bushy tailed. They don't see as many clients as a full time licensed counselor, so in all this extra free time, they're brainstorming, researching, and consulting with colleagues bending-over backwards to figure out the best way to help.

  3. They are CHEAP. If you are self-pay or on a budget, interns are a fantastic cost-savings. You still get quality treatment from a , And the best part is, the best counselor in the practice, the counseling supervisor, spends personal time on your case!

Our Interns

Our interns at Rainbow Family Wellness ALL have had working careers in mental health, social work, or related fields prior to their internships. They have great experience, just not the specific experience (plus paperwork!) that is required by the state for licensure or for their degree programs.

Interning at Rainbow Family Wellness not only gives interns their official hours, it helps to grow them professionally under the Supervision of Elizabeth Wolfson LCSW (Lizzi). Lizzi has been doing a fabulous job overseeing the interns' work, giving consistent guidance, and ensuring quality. She's gone above and beyond to make time to do trainings and teach techniques that weren’t covered in school.

All of the interns have been vetted as genuinely good and caring people, and all of them are eager to learn, grow, and help.

Grow with Us!

Click here or call ‪(727) 228-2245 to schedule an appointment or free consultation.

You made it to the end! Thanks for reading!

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