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Why does LGBTQ+ affirming care matter? ...3 reasons!

1. My identity isn’t the problem

This is a topic that is dear to my heart because of my affiliation with the community, being that I am a member. I know that when we are seeking help, we want to find someone who will not see our orientation or gender identity as the problem.

2. The Gay-B-C’s

But what do others say? I asked them and one queer person expressed “Having someone who understands the gay-B-C’s is a minimum requirement.” We need to work with someone who has cultural competence to grasp our lived experience and understand common language.

3. Our unique experiences

The LGBTQ+ community also faces unique experiences such as greater occurrence of homelessness, increased suicidality, potentially complex medical needs, and potential fertility concerns. Similarly, the role of law and policy is significant. The “Parental Rights in Education Act”, legality of same sex marriage, and constraints around gender-affirming healthcare services under Medicaid are all topics an LGBTQ+ affirming therapist needs to be well-versed in.

So whether you or someone you love are seeking therapy to improve your mental health, remember that not everyone understands where we are coming from as queer persons and unfortunately, some providers unintentionally do harm in their limited knowledge of this population. If you ever have questions about where to find help, reach out to us at Rainbow Family Wellness!

Peace and queer vibes,

Lizzi Wolfson, LCSW

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